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Saturday, September 17, 2011

adidas originals

Jeremy Scott, the flamboyant American fashion designer, recently launched its Autumn / Winter Collection for Adidas Originals, and the item that has been drawing more attention is the limited version of the JS Wings shoe, inspired by the Korean band 2NE1

adidas originals

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

adidas js wings

Long ago adopted by lovers of urban culture, adidas is one of the brands that dared to more partnerships and limited editions. With reporting for all tastes and pockets, the brand has collaborated with: Missy Elliott, Mos Def, Stella McCartney, and especially Jeremy Scott.
The designer, the brain behind the most unusual models of Adidas, is known to abuse the creation of irreverence in their collections, and has for some time, is a favorite of Solange and Beyoncé Knowles, Pharrell Williams and Kanye West, among others.
Jeremy Scott's partnership with the brand seems to only yield success, see the phenomenon Adidas Wings, object of desire of 9 out of 10 sneaker heads. His final masterpiece was launched in September last year.

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Sunday, June 12, 2011

adidas shoes

How should I clean my  adidas  shoes?
Synthetic or leather shoes, damp cloth with Tide or similar product. Fabrics: soap, sponge and water never put the entire tennis underwater, or in any type of machine (washing or drying, or microwave).
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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Sunday, February 13, 2011

History of Adidas

History of adidas Part 1
Adolf Dassler
The origins of the brand date back to the early 20 when Adolf Dassler started a small business in the German town of Herzogenaurach in the heart of Franconia, north of Nuremberg, producing military bags and sports shoes as a way to support his family.
The old laundry room of his mother was soon converted into a modest workshop of 18 square meters. But the young sports fanatic would need to be very creative to work in the difficult postwar years, have no machines, electricity or proper materials. But he never gave up his dream and passion for developing sports shoes durable and able to protect athletes from injury. All the shoes were in leather and handmade.

After a difficult period of unemployment, his brother, Rudolf, joined the business in 1924.
The brothers founded on July 1 the "Gebrüder Dassler Schuhfabrik"   (Dassler Brothers Sports Shoe Factory), initially employing only 12 workers. Being a trained salesperson, Rudolf was primarily responsible for administrative tasks, while Adolf focused on the development and production.
Soon, working day and night in his workshop expanded, the brothers and their employees could produce 50 shoes per day.
In 1925, Dassler received his first patents: one for a running shoe with hand-forged nails, and one for a football boot with locks. All motivated by the idea that guided him throughout his life: that each athlete had the appropriate footwear for the sport practiced. The success of the models served as an incentive for Adi Dassler, who soon developed special sports shoes for other sports.
In 1927 the brothers rent their first production facility and quickly rises to 100 shoes per day.

Using his own experience and the help of athletes and coaches to develop and design your shoes, already in 1928 some German athletes competed in the Olympic Games in Amsterdam using special shoes Dassler brothers' workshop. The following year, the company produces its first football boots with leather soles and locks combined with a "stabilizer bar". At the Olympic Games Los Angeles in 1932, the German Arthur Jonatha became the first athlete to win a medal wearing Dassler shoes, winning the bronze in the 100 meters - the missing endorsement for the enterprising brothers. In this decade, the workshop produced with the help of 100 employees, approximately 30 models of shoes for 11 different sports disciplines, including skates with four wheels.

In the 1936 Olympics in Berlin, athletes, using Dassler shoes won 40 gold medals, including four of the legendary black American athlete Jesse Owens.
The hate of Adolf Hitler was such that once the Second World War began, he ordered to confiscate the brothers factory

With the country in ruins after the war, the brothers resume control of their business. During this period, they found great difficulty in keeping the business running. The raw material was little and they had to search the debris of war by canvas, leather baseball gloves and rubber used by the Americans to manufacture their shoes. It was then that the brothers, because of political differences, they decide to separate. Rudi founded Puma. Adi created adidas with only 47 employees. The name derives from "ADI," the name of Adolph, and "FOR" the initial of his surname Dassler.

The search for an image that draws attention to make your shoes more recognized at a distance, culminating in the famous three stripes of design, giving rise to one of the world's most famous logos. The adidas brand was registered only on August 18, 1949. Also this year, the three stripes are officially registered as a trademark adidas.
Adi then focuses its efforts on creating new football boots.
In the Helsinki Olympics in 1952, adidas was the brand Adi then focuses its efforts on creating new football boots.
In the Helsinki Olympics in 1952, adidas was the , most used sports shoes brand.

The winning of the World Cup by Germany in 1954 saddled definitely the adidas brand's success: the legendary final match against Hungary, known as the "Battle of Berne", the German national team players wore lightweight boots, manufactured by adidas.